Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Totally True Tuesday ~ It's Spring!

Today is March 20th the official first day of Spring. Does the weather where you are shout SPRING?

Just because the calendar says it’s suppose to be, you may be experiencing all types of weather, from sunny and warm, to rainy and dreary or even, perhaps, it may be snowing! But whatever the weather Spring brings with it many wonderful changes. Birds that have migrated will begin to show. Our sleepy animal friends such as bears and bats will soon awaken. And, of course, all those beautiful Spring flowers will make their way through the soil to bloom once again.

What a great time of the year!

Did you know…

…you grow more in the Spring than any other time of the year?
…Spring is officially the months of March, April and May?
…lambs are born in the Spring?
…tulips are associated with Spring?
…birds begin to build their nests?

Here’s a fun activity to do even if it’s not rainy where you are.

Print out the Word Search find and circle all the Springtime words in the animal, flower and insect categories. Remember the words can be diagonal, horizontal,or even backward.

Happy Spring and have fun!


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