Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Totally True Tuesday

Spit, Goo and Honeypots…

Is this some kind of weird recipe? Or perhaps, it’s a silly joke? Not quite. These are all types of bugs.
And this is their way of protecting themselves.

Built Spit Tough

The Frog Hopper larva spits to protect itself. The bubbly froth is known as “cuckoo-spit” or “snake-spit.” This happens when the larvae blows air into a liquid from its anus.

This foamy-froth keeps the larvae from drying out. It hides them from predators. Plus, it tastes bitter and horrible so nothing wants to eat them.

 Bombs Away!

Ants are the termite’s worst enemy.

To stop the ants from attacking, some termites have exploding soldiers. These guys swell up and burst open to stop an invasion…and it works! The sticky, slimy goo covers the enemy, stopping them in their tracks.

Other termites have a special jaw. They just pick up the ant and fling it into the air.

A Tastey Snack?

Honey Pot Ants feed on nectar. But what do they do in the dry season when no nectar is available? They go to theirlivingwarehouses, also known as repletes (ri-pleets).

These special ants are constantly fed by the worker ants. They get so big they almost burst. But before this happens the hungry ants will feed from them – So nobody goes hungry. In fact, Aboriginal Tribes in Australia will raid these ant nests in search of Honey Pots. They pop these tasty ants into their mouths for a sweet treat.

Want to learn more? Visit your local library, the Internet or even an Insect Museum.

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