Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Totally True Tuesday

When many people gather together it's called a crowd, or a group or maybe even a mob, but when like animals gather together their names can be quite interesting. Read the list of animal groups below and be sure to pay attention to those itialized words (that's the group name). But beware, you may just find yourself in a chowder!

~ When many mice are together they are a mischief.

~ Too many porcupines cause a prickle.

~ A clutter of cats can be a comfort, even in a chowder.

~ A litter of puppies will leave you with a puddle.

~ When bats fly they cause a cloud.

~ A cartload of monkeys will be troop and a barrel of fun.

~ A study of owls will cause a stare and be filled with wisdom.

~ Squadron of pelicans is sure to be a scoop.

~ A cast of crabs may end up in a bushel, while their friends the clam lie in their bed.

~ Instead of flowers, how about a bouquet of pleasant pheasants?

~ A company of parrots will most certainly cause pandemonium.

And all these animals together? It would be a zoopendous amount of fun!

Can You Guess?

Now that you've learned about animal groups, try to guess what a gathering of giraffe's are called?

Hint; when giraffe's are together it's the same name as the famous Eiffel...?

If you guessed tower you're right!

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