Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun Facts Friday ~ Don't Be Bugged By Bugs

There is over 1 million known bug species in the world and more are being discovered all the time. However, you don’t need to be bugged by bugs. In fact, you may even find them fascinating.

The Angular-Winged Katydid

This guy looks creepy, but it’s actually quite harmless. This grasshopper-like insect is found all over the world and has eardrums that are located in its front legs. Plus, this creaky-critter likes to serenade at night. The male Katydid has a file-like patch on one fore-wing and a scraper-like area on the other. When he rubs these together a song is created. He can even control the volume by raising his wings to make a small cavity to tune it up or tune it down.

European Mantid

No need to get bugged by the European Mantid…unless, of course, you’re a male Mantid. Females of this species are well known for eating the male after she has mated with him. And once her babies hatch, the bigger ‘nymphs’ will often eat their smaller siblings. That must be why these insects prefer to live alone.

Luna Moth

The brilliant glow of the Luna moth is no reason to be bugged; this insect doesn’t even have a mouth. However, they can still grow anywhere from 3-4 inches wide and 5-6 inches long. And unlike other moths, they come in shades of lime green to yellow-green. I suppose that’s why they’re also called the ‘Moon Moth.’

 Yellow Garden Spider

Out of all the bugs, spiders tend to be the ones that “bug” people the most. But did you know Yellow Garden Spiders are a very common ‘orb’ web spider? They always build round webs, which can reach up to 2 feet across. Strangely enough though, each night it eats the old web. Talk about renovations!

To learn more about these and other fascinating bugs, check out your local library, a bug museum or, perhaps, your own backyard.

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