Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Totally True Tuesday ~ Crayons

Crayons are fun to use. They can take an ordinary picture and make it beautiful. Plus, they come in a wide array of colors. But do you know where crayons began? Let's check out their colourful history.

Waxy Sticks

Around 1885 two cousins by the names of, Edwin Binney, and C. Harold Smith, formed a company. In the year 1900 the men started to make slate pencils for schools. Along the way the came up with a wax stick used to mark crates and barrels, but it was loaded with black carbon and unhealthy for children.

However, this got the cousins thinking and by 1903 they had created the first crayons. There were 8 colors; black, brown, blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, and green and were sold for a nickle. The name "Crayola" was created by Edwin's wife, Alice, who used the French words for chalk (craie) and oily (oleaginous) and combined them to get the word.

Color Me Crayons

As the company grew so did the number of crayon colors.
  • 1949 ~ crayons had 40 different colors
  • 1958 ~ 16 more colors were added. Plus, the box had a sharpener
  • 1972 ~ 8 fluorescent colors are added
  • 1990 ~ 16 more colors are added and 8 are retired
  • 1993 ~ another 16 colours added
  • 1998 ~ another whopping 24 colors added
  • 2000 ~ “specialty sets” include glitter crayons, pearl brite crayons, and techno-brite crayons.
Today, the biggest box of crayons contains all 120 colors in a wide variety hues.

What's the most popular color of crayon? If you guessed blue, you're right. Out of the top 10 favorites, 8 different shades of blue were liked the best.

What's your favorite crayon color? Let us know by leaving your answer in the comment section.

Happy Crayola Coloring!


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