Friday, February 17, 2012

Fun Facts Friday - What Am I?

Everybody has one. Some are big, some are long, some are cute and button-like. It lets us know when something is sweet, yucky or burning. And every once in a while it even gets stuffy.

What Am I?

Your Nose!
What’s That Smell?

Did you know your nose can detect up to 10,000 different odours and that it takes millions of cells to do so? Around 6 million cells, in fact, located high up in your nasal passage is what gives us the ability to smell. And just like how each of our noses look different, they also perceive smell differently, too. This is called odour identity.

More Smelly Facts

~ Babies are very sensitive to the smell of their mothers.
~ Girls have a keener sense of smell than boys
~ Your nose can detect smells better late in the day

Clean it Up!

If you’ve ever been outside on a really cold, snowy day your nose may feel tingly when you breathe in that frosty air. However, before the air gets to your lungs, your nose has already warmed it, humidified it and cleaned it, making it safe for your lungs.

Nose Nasties

We all get those icky things in our noses commonly called Boogers. But even though these may be gross, they are actually a good thing. Tiny particles such as dust, dirt and pollen get trapped in your nose mucus preventing it from getting into your lungs. After this dries out it becomes a “booger” – basically containing all the stuff you’ve breathed in.

Being Nosey
Wikimedia commons
Did you know…

~ Your nose never stops growing? What fictional character is famous for a growing nose? That’s right, it’s Pinocchio!
~ Slugs have four noses?
~ It’s impossible to hum if your nose is plugged?
~ Anteaters and Bactrian Camels can “seal off” their noses to protect themselves form dirt?

Now you know what your nose already knows!


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