Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Totally True Tuesday - Happy Valentine's Day!

It’s February 14'th and that means it’s not just any ordinary Tuesday, it’s Valentine’s Day!

No one really knows how Valentine’s Day came about. One legend says that in third century A.D. the Roman Emperor, Claudius II, would not allow young men to marry (he thought this would make them better soldiers). However, a priest named ‘Valentine’ didn’t agree with this law and secretly wed young couples. When the Emperor found out he put Valentine to death. When? On February 14'th.

Here’s some more "hearty" facts:

~ approximately 1 billion Valentines are sent out each year!
~ Japanese women are expected to give chocolate and other gifts to men. Japanese men have to return the favour on March 14th, commonly known as White Day.
~ the oldest Valentine dates back to 1415 - a poem written by Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife while he was held prisoner in a tower
~ Teachers receive the most Valentines each year.

Did you send out a special Valentine today? If not, here’s a fun, do-it-yourself Valentine you can print, decorate and delivery.


1. Go to knowonder magazine and click the link - Be My Valentine  - print it out - you can use coloured paper or cardstock for a more durable Valentine.

2. Cut the Valentine out - you can make it as big or small as you’d like

3. Colour your Valentine - use makers, crayons, or pencil crayons

4. Decorate your Valentine - really use your imagination here using stickers, glitter, buttons or even ribbon - there’s no wrong way as long as it comes from your heart.

5. Sign your name - now you’re ready to deliver your homemade card to that special someone


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