Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Totally True Tuesday - Guess Who?

I’m the strongest and most flexible muscle in the human body and the only one that attaches at just one end. I’m as individually unique as a set of finger prints and contain around 8,000 taste buds.

Did you guess who?   

I’m your Tongue.

Where would we be without our tongues? It helps us talk, whistle and lick an ice cream cone on a hot day. You can stick it out, make funny sounds with it and some people can roll it like a tube. But even though boys tongues are generally longer than girls, it’s still impossible to lick your own elbow.

Here’s something fun to try…stick out your tongue in front of a mirror. What colour is it? If it’s white that means you have a thin film of bacteria living on it, (and you should probably have another go with the toothbrush). If it’s pink, it’s perfect!

Terrific Tongue Facts;

~ a Chameleons tongue is twice as long as its body

~ a Blue Whales tongue weighs 5,400 pounds, that’s bigger than some elephants!

~ a millilitre of saliva contains 1,000,000 germs and 600 different types

~ the hardest tongue twister is “the sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep’s sick…”
Trying saying that six times fast.

~ a Giraffe’s tongue is bluish-purple in colour, is 21 inches (53 centimetres) long, super tough and covered in bristly hair. This helps them eat the thorny Acacia tree leaves.

~ a Woodpecker’s tongue wraps around its skull and is barbed and sticky to help them extract bugs from holes.

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